[Mailman-Users] List on a different domain name?

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Jan 8 08:11:07 CET 2011

Chris Arnold wrote:

>We have 2 domains that i want to use with mailman, firstdomain.com and seconddomain.net. Should i have lists.firstdomain.com and lists.seconddomain.net?

Let's say you want the web interfaces at lists.firstdomain.com and
lists.seconddomain.net respectively and the list email addresses to be
like list1 at firstdomain.com and list2 at seconddomain.net respectively.

Let's further assume that there will be more lists in the
firstdomain.com domain.

Then you would have

DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'lists.firstdomain.com'
DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'firstdomain.com'
add_virtualhost('lists.seconddomain.net', 'seconddomain.net')

You also want

MTA = 'Postfix'

and if both the mail domains are virtual in Postfix

POSTFIX_STYLE_VIRTUAL_DOMAINS = ['firstdomain.com', 'seconddomain.net']

If one or both email domains is local in Postfix, it wouldn't appear in
the above. If the email addresses should also be in the lists.
domains, then add lists. to those domains above that don't have it.

As for your other settings:

>DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN = 'http://%s/mailman/'
>DEFAULT_NNTP_HOST = 'web.domain.com'
>POSTFIX_ALIAS_CMD = '/usr/sbin/postalias'
>POSTFIX_MAP_CMD = '/usr/sbin/postmap'
>SMTPHOST = 'localhost'
>SMTPPORT = '25'

These are all default values and thus redundant (but may provide
documentation) except for DEFAULT_NNTP_HOST which sets the default
news server for a list which uses Mail<->News gateways.

>>>I can not get to http://domain.com/mailman/admin.
>>Is there a Mailman ScriptAlias that applies to the 'domain.com' domain?
>Here is said section:
><VirtualHost *:80>
>    ServerAdmin administrator at domain.com
>    ServerName domain.com
>    ServerAlias domain.com

So the only host that this applies to is domain.com. It doesn't apply
to lists.firstdomain.com or lists.seconddomain.net unless you add
those as ServerAlias in this VirtualHost or make similar VirtualHost
blocks for them.

>>Can you get to http://web.domain.com/mailman/admin ?
>No. Or lists.domain.com/mailman/admin, ip/mailman/admin
>>>Mailmanctl restart gives me bash: command not found.
>Brain fart and got it restarted. When restarting mailman, i get this:
>Starting mailman (Warning: the Apache2 webinterface for Mailman has not been activated!)

This may have do do with why you can't access Mailman's web pages at
domain.com, but this is a message from a downstream package. I do the
best I can to support even packaged versions of Mailman, but I don't
know what to do about this. Your primary support resource for any
downstream package should be the packager, not the upstream provider.

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