[Mailman-Users] Mail to some lists works, bounces for others

Steff Watkins s.watkins at nhm.ac.uk
Wed Jul 13 11:38:12 CEST 2011

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> Hello,
> ....
> What confused me was that these are all lists that have been around
> for the last 6-7 years.
> I moved the lists to a new server 2 weeks ago.
> Most of the lists worked just fine.
> ....
> Mailman/Postfix were installed from apt-get.

So Mailman on the new server has been installed using apt-get.

Then you moved your list files/directories from the old server to the
new server?

My Sysadmin-sense[tm] is tingling. I get the feeling that either the
permissions of some of the files/directories are not correct or, and
this is a biggie when moving servers, the "ownership" of those
files/directories may no longer be correct.

Are there any warnings about access permissions showing up in the
systems logfiles?

Try running the bin/check_perms scripts to check that your files and
directories have the right permissions.

Alternatively, login to your Mailman server, change to the mailman
directory and try something like:

   ls -lR | grep -v MAILMAN-UNAME | less

replacing MAILMAN-UNAME with your Mailman username (probably 'mailman'
but not guaranteed).

Check an eye open for any files that have ended up in there that are not
owned by your mailman software.

Good luck,


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