[Mailman-Users] PHP front-end for Mailman?

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Wed Jun 1 17:03:05 CEST 2011

Hi William Ashworth

There is no database, but a file in mbox format.
You can find it under /${path_to_mailman}/archives/private/${listname}.mbox/

It contains all emails in order of arrival with all attachents.

Hope this helps a bit,
Christian Mack

On 06/01/2011 04:37 PM, William Ashworth wrote:
> I'm attempting to learn more about the Mailman system in general as
> well. If there's some form of "database" that the system uses to
> store its archived message data, then I'm sure there's a way to build
> a script around it. If the only form of stored data is actually just
> static HTML files, then a scraper application may be the way to go.
> Thoughts?
> I'm checking out the links you sent over. Much appreciated.
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> On 06/01/2011 06:44 AM, William Ashworth wrote:
>> I've searched for a bit and perhaps nothing is available (or I'm 
>> typing the wrong searches).
>> A client of mine is looking to integrate more tightly to their
>> Mailman list. There's an archive page, but we're trying to format
>> it nicely for inclusion on their website so that it matches for
>> members to see. I can see two possibilities right now...
>> 1.  We write a custom PHP application to scrape and store the
>> archive pages into a database to call later, however we want.
>> 2.  We create an email address and subscribe it to the list. Any
>> new messages will be checked via a PHP script we build and stored
>> in the database, then we'll pull from our own archive format
>> however we choose.
>> The only problem with #2 is that we lose 8 years of legacy emails
>> that are already present in the archives. My best bet is to find
>> some way to hook into the archives with PHP so that we can roll it
>> into the rest of their complicated website. Looking at another
>> development language other than PHP at this time would be a
>> conflict of interest with the rest of their website applications.
>> I may be dreaming, but if there's some way to nightly export the
>> data to XML from the archive or something, which we can then (also)
>> nightly import that XML data into a MySQL database, then the sky's
>> the limit...I simply don't know if there's a standardized way to
>> access the archived information, as scraping is very messy.
>> I'm completely new to Mailman. Any assistance you can offer to help
>>  get my bearings straight would be greatly appreciated.
> There was an "Google Summer of Code" project last year, which tried
> to produce better archive frontends.
> Perhaps you should look there first: 1) threaded conversation demo 
> http://dev.systers.org/pipermail/testing/all/conversation-3.html
> 2) search demo 
> http://lists.priyakuber.in/cgi-bin/mailman/mailocate/search.py With
> documentation 
> http://systers.org/systers-dev/doku.php/doumentation-priya And code 
> http://github.com/beachbrake/Mailocate/tree/master/demo/

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