[Mailman-Users] Message Body missing from Yahoo Mail users

Phil plichten at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 13:16:17 CEST 2011

Hi All,
I'm sorry if this was posted earlier, but I didn't see it in my
searches through the archives.

It seems like every one of the members on my Mailman server who use
Yahoo for their mail are missing the main body of the e-mail sent to
the group.
I am using Python 2.1.14 on a CentOS VPS.  I have the list using a
non-digest and digest options sent out as HTML.

My non-digest Header and Footer are both defined, and both come in
just fine in a Yahoo e-mail.  Again, the body (between header and
footer) are missing from the e-mail.

I have also noticed this issue when I read the same e-mail on my own
account which is hosted on the VPS if I read with SquirrelMail instead
of using Roundcube.
Is there anyway to fix this so that my Yahoo members can read the
message bodies?

No other users on other e-mail providers have complained to me as of
yet.   Also - messages are in tact in the Archive's.  They are in text
form and have "html" stripped from the messages.
Thank you for the help.


Phil / w2lie
Monitor Long Island, Inc. | W2LIE.net | LongIslandFirePhotos.com

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