[Mailman-Users] Message Body missing from Yahoo Mail users

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Jun 30 17:09:39 CEST 2011

Phil wrote:
>It seems like every one of the members on my Mailman server who use
>Yahoo for their mail are missing the main body of the e-mail sent to
>the group.
>I am using Python 2.1.14 on a CentOS VPS.  I have the list using a
>non-digest and digest options sent out as HTML.

I assume you mean the digests are MIME format as opposed to plain.

>My non-digest Header and Footer are both defined, and both come in
>just fine in a Yahoo e-mail.  Again, the body (between header and
>footer) are missing from the e-mail.
>I have also noticed this issue when I read the same e-mail on my own
>account which is hosted on the VPS if I read with SquirrelMail instead
>of using Roundcube.
>Is there anyway to fix this so that my Yahoo members can read the
>message bodies?

The MIME format digest contains each message in an individual,
'attached' message/rfc822 part. Depending on the exact MIME structure
of the messages themselves, many web mail and phone clients do a
horrible job of rendering these messages. This is a problem with the
web mail application or the phone client. The digest sent by Mailman
is completely compliant with section 5.1.5 of RFC 2046

Yahoo mail should at least show a bunch of attachment links for the
individual messages which could be downloaded and read, but this is
not very satisfactory.

The options for Yahoo users are as follows:

1) Complain to Yahoo and wait (years?, centuries?, forever?) for them
to fix it.

2) Switch to plain format digests which will contain the 'flattened'
message text similar to what appears in the archive.

3) Subscribe to Yahoo Mail Plus to enable pop3 access to Yahoo mail and
read mail with a MIME compliant mail client.

4) Subscribe to the digest with a non-Yahoo address.

5) Download messages of interest and read them locally.

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