[Mailman-Users] member's mail got held

Joshua, C.S. Chen cschen at asiaa.sinica.edu.tw
Fri Mar 4 08:06:11 CET 2011

Hello everyone,
I am taking care of a list (list at mydomain.edu), when some messages sent
like like this

From: <sender>
To: list at mydomain.edu
Cc: <other recipients> (not in the list)
Subject: <subject>

for some reason, they got held and need human interaction to allow it.
No mater the sender is member (in the list), or non-member but has been
added to the list that non-member but automatically accepted.

Is there a setup item that I can have all this kind of messages
automatically pass without being held? when it is To: list at mydomain.com
and Cc: other recipients.

Thanks in advence
Joshua C.S. Chen

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