[Mailman-Users] Question about Mailman domain and OS X serverset-up.

JRC Groups joemailgroups at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 01:15:31 CEST 2011

Thank you Mark and Brad for your replies.

>From what I can tell rDNS seems to be working properly. I've created some
lists and they also seem to be working well. I used some test e-mails
(e-mail accounts I have) and received welcome e-mail from the lists after

The problem that keeps throwing me off is the problem we discussed here
before. The list info page keeps reverting back to the name of the server
instead of the name of the domain. I have, as you suggested, edited the
mailman configuration file several times and every time I do it the info
page changes to displaying the domain name associated with the list on the
page. But as soon as I do anything in OS X Server's System Administration
tool it reverts back to the server's name.

I've been told it could be related to way I have OS X Server set-up. Based
on a discussion I have had with another Apple Consultant I have even
considered downloading Mailman and doing a fresh install to use this version
instead of the one that Apple bundles with OS X. However I am afraid that
(1) this could cause some type of conflict and (2) if the problem is related
to some of my settings in OS X Server it may not work just as the bundled
version doesn't.

Is there anyone on the list who is familiar with both OS X Server and
Mailman to help with this problem ? I am willing to pay a consultation fee
to someone who can connect to my server remotely and help solve this issue.

Thank you in advance,



On 3/28/11 1:27 PM, "Mark Sapiro" <mark at msapiro.net> wrote:

> JRC Groups wrote:
>> While discussing some possible DNS set-up issues I might need to resolve on
>> my server a certain IT professional mentioned to me that Mailman shouldn't
>> be run using a virtual domain. I am not sure if this professional was
>> referring to virtual domains in general or only those running on Mac OS X
>> Server.
> Just a quick addendum to Brad's response. From the point of view of the
> mail server rather than Mailman, There should be full circle DNS.
> I.e., an rDNS lookup of the server's IP address should give a
> host/domain name and a lookup of that name should return an A record
> (not a CNAME) with the same IP. Also, when sending mail, the server
> should identify itself in HELO with the same name.
> These things should be true for any mail server regardless of Mailman.
> Now if a mailman list is in a virtual domain, the envelope sender of
> messages from that list will be the virtual domain. This is fine, but
> if the virtual domain publishes an SPF record, it needs to specify the
> server's name as a permitted sender.

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