[Mailman-Users] list not accepts mails

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Nov 8 18:08:17 CET 2011

deconya wrote:
>Im using mailman and Im having a problem only with one list. When I
>send a mail only appears logs in two files, smtp and vette. The list
>has the moderation bit activated, but never arrives to the queue.
>first appears:
>Nov 07 17:11:48 2011 (5454)
><mailman.0.1320682307.18316.alum at lists.esci.es> smtp to alum for 1
>recips, completed in 0.024 seconds
>Nov 07 17:11:48 2011 (5454)
><mailman.1.1320682307.18316.alum at lists.esci.es> smtp to alum for 4
>recips, completed in 0.064 seconds

This is a notice (probably a held message notice) sent first to
alum-owner and then resent to the owners and moderators.

>and finally in vette log:
>Nov 07 17:12:42 2011 (5452) Message discarded, msgid:
><1320682361.4077.1.camel at infolinux>

This is a bit strange. It is almost an hour after the above notice, yet
the PID (5452) is very close to the PID (5454) of OutgoingRunner which
wrote the smtp log entries.

What process is PID 5452 (ps -fw 5452)? Is it CommandRunner? If so,
maybe one of the 4 owners/moderators received the held message notice
and replied to the confirmation, except in that case, the vette log
message would look different.

The above vette log message looks like the message written by
IncomingRunner when a handler discards a message.

Are you sure the smtp log messages have anything to do with the message
that was discarded an hour later? If they did, there should be other
vette loge entries at the time of the smtp log entries.

It looks to me that the message was simply discarded by
IncommingRunner. This can happen for several reasons.

Post matched a header_filter_rules rule with a Discard action.

Post was from a non-member in discard_these_nonmembers.

Post was from a non-member and generic_nonmember_action is Discard.

Content filtering filter_content is Yes, filter_action is Discard and
all the post's content was removed - e.g. an HTML only post if the
list doesn't accept HTML.

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