[Mailman-Users] Pegasus Mail does not show message except as an attachment

Anne Wainwright anotheranne at fables.co.za
Wed Nov 16 21:01:48 CET 2011


This occurs on one list that I administer. In fuller detail we have two

Members want to send .doc file attachments, (and html emails too) and
of course have them arrive. If I have content filtering on & which
allows .doc file attachments then members using Pegasus Mail complain
that the message does not show up on page 1 as it were and has to be
found among the tree of attachments. Under different content filtering
Pegasus Mail users can be satisfied to see the message on page 1 as
it were, but the .doc attachments are no longer there for any one to

I can see the messages plain and clear in Claws email and the .doc
files are of course shown as attachments. I conclude that Pegasus is
somehow at fault in its display of the message as an attachment instead
of as the body of the message (my terminology may be lacking here).

I have searched but can find no answer, do other users find display
issues of mailman content filtered posts with Pegasus Mail?

If I have content filtering off, Pegasus Mail users suffer the same
display issue.

The list has run for years with no complaints. Recently the issue of
sending .doc files has just been raised and it is the provision of pass
rules that seem to put Pegasus users in a whirl.


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