[Mailman-Users] Site admin per mail domain

Christian Lerrahn lists at penpal4u.net
Mon Nov 21 06:59:29 CET 2011

Please forgive me if my question is a display of ignorance. I've only
very recently switched from ezmlm-idx to mailman and am still trying to
get my head around the difference in concept. I've searched the FAQs
and archives but wasn't actually too sure what exactly to use as search

I have noticed that Mailman identifies lists by there names only but
allows them to run in different mail domains. I realise that I can also
have different domains and host names for the web interfaces. However,
what I cannot find out for sure is if a site admin only exists per
Mailman install or also per mail domain. In other words, can I have an
admin who is allowed to create new lists (something I understand to be
exclusively a site admin task) for a certain mail domain but not on
other mail domains.

If I was running lists


and they were reachable on test at lists.example.com,
test1 at lists.example.net, test2 at lists.example.org could I have one
account which can create lists in example.com, another one which can
create lists in example.net and still another one which can create
lists in example.org?

Also, is there a trick to have lists test3 at lists.example.net and
test3 at lists.example.com simultaneously without needing to work with
aliases somehow?


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