[Mailman-Users] Rather perplexing set of problems with a new 2.1.14vhost install on a DirectAdmin box -- and I'm new to Mailman

Todd Zullinger tmz at pobox.com
Thu Nov 24 05:51:10 CET 2011

Christopher Woods (CustomMade) wrote:
> Wondering if part of the problems are due to the OS (CentOS)... This
> VPS came specced with it, and I went along with the choice. Little
> was I aware of the development approach with regards to new and
> shiny... (this is your cue to all have a chuckle at my expense ;-)
> My installed Python is 2.4; python-devel was installed new today -
> but, of course, is still old.

The EPEL repository for RHEL/CentOS has a python26 package which might
be of use to you.  You'd need to tell your mailman build to use
/usr/bin/python26 for that, but I think it should be workable.

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