[Mailman-Users] Rather perplexing set of problems with a new 2.1.14vhost install on a DirectAdmin box -- and I'm new to Mailman

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Nov 26 22:11:45 CET 2011

Christopher Woods (CustomMade) wrote:
>I was also, as you
>say, angling towards a setup where I could reuse list names -- or rather,
>not have to worry about clashes (long run, they'll be used for various promo
>and mailout lists to industry contacts which may well be the same). This VPS
>is a shared hosting environment too so I didn't think I could justify
>potentially denying another user a list name if it was common. However, if
>things just aren't working I see no reason in swimming through treacle until
>I have a slightly better understanding of Mailman's innards :-)

As Stephen said, this is a perfectly good reason for wanting to use the
vhosts branch.

I have just updated it by merging the head of the 2.1 branch. This will
remove the Python 2.5 dependency. I also rewrote a section of the
bin/newlist help which I hope will make its use more clear.

The create CGI as it exists will only create old style, non-virtual
host lists. If you want to pursue this, I can fix it or I may just go
ahead if it's not complex.

>Wondering if part of the problems are due to the OS (CentOS)... 

I run a bleeding edge Mailman in production on a Centos 5 server. It's
fairly straightforward. I have installed Python 2.6.5 from source
along side the Centos Python 2.4.3 package. You have to leave the
Centos package Python as the default or several things, most notably
yum, break badly, but you can configure Mailman to use the Python 2.6
installation and it all works fine.

But, as I said, the latest vhost branch should work with Python 2.4.

>>From quickly skimreading the SO thread, it seems building python26 from
>source will be the simplest way... but will Mailman work fine if 2.6 is
>installed to coexist with 2.4 (which I'm reading is a dependency for things
>like yum?)

Yes, Mailman should work fine with 2.6 coexisting with 2.4, and yes,
the yum dependency is the deal breaker for just going to Python 2.6
for everything.

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