[Mailman-Users] Rather perplexing set of problems with a new 2.1.14vhost install on a DirectAdmin box -- and I'm new to Mailman

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Nov 27 01:22:20 CET 2011

Mark Sapiro wrote:

> Christopher Woods \(CustomMade\) wrote:
>>After checking DNS had refreshed, I could bring up the mailman/listinfo
>>welcome page for all of the domains configured. Having created the mailman
>>list as part of the installation at the command prompt without issue, and
>>received the email as expected, I went straight to the
>>http://lists.domain1.tld virtualhost and set up a new list named
>>'announce-test' via "http://lists.domain1.tld/mailman/create". This seemed
>>to work ok and threw no errors; however when clicking on the list from the
>>success page, I just got "No such list announce-test at domain1.tld". NB that
>>this error message also shows "domain1.tld" and not "lists.domain1.tld" as
>>expected, so it looks like it's ignored the subdomain -- why, I do not know.
> I don't offhand know either, but I think that the create CGI may not
> work in this branch. It may be that you have to create all lists with
> bin/newlist, and it too is unintuitive in that you need to both
> specify the listname as a fully qualified posting address and specify
> the --urlhost= option.

As I indicated in a prior post, I've tried to clarify the help in

I've now fixed the create CGI so it should properly create vhost lists
and non-vhost lists based on comparing the host portion of the invoking
URL with DEFAULT_URL_HOST. If unequal, the list will be created as a
vhost list using the web host from the URL and the corresponding email
host from add_virtualhost.

I don't understand why the domain in the "no such list" message was
"domain1.tld" and not "lists.domain1.tld" unless you had


rather than

add_virtualhost('lists.domain1.tld', 'lists.domain1.tld')

The former syntax strips the first piece from the web host to get the
email host and thus is equivalent to

add_virtualhost('lists.domain1.tld', 'domain1.tld')

But, there may be other reasons I'm not aware of.

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