[Mailman-Users] A dumb first question

Laurie Lee lleecc at optusnet.com.au
Fri Sep 30 02:33:10 CEST 2011

Thank you for the info. I've looked through the options available to me as a
list owner and clearly I have no direct way of changing the "set" outcome.
As you say this is an "installation-wide setting". 

My next question: Is there a simple way that I can determine what this
"installation-wide setting" is, short of testing and seeing what happens?
My final question: The managers of my hosting say that they make available
but don't support Mailman. Is there a "default" set up; the likely
installation; for Mailman Ver 2.1.14 on a Cpanel  Ver 11 site/hosting?

Cheers 8^)

Laurie Lee

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Laurie Lee wrote:

>If I create a 800 member Mailman list and send a single message to it, 
>what will happen if the list is on  a Cpanel site with mail send 
>restrictions of
>200 messages per hour?

It depends on a number of things.

There are installation-wide settings in Mailman that affect how messages are
sent. They can be sent as individual messages with one recipient per message
or as messages with perhaps as many as 500 recipients to one message.

In the best case, if the mail server accepts the first 200 recipients and
returns a temporary failure for the rest, Mailman will keep retrying until
the message is sent to all recipients.

In the worst case, Mailman will send a message with >200 recipients and the
mail server will reject all recipients. If the reject is a permanent
failure, this will result in 'bounces' for all recipients.
If the reject is a temporary failure, Mailman will keep trying, but since
the recipient list doesn't decrease, it will keep failing until after up to
5 days, Mailman gives up and records 'bounces'.

There are other possible combinations in between.

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