[Mailman-Users] Accepting and Rejecting Mails

Sascha Rissel sascha at rissel.it
Sun Apr 1 20:04:31 CEST 2012


I am just doing some tests with a newly created list.

I am a GoogleMail user, I configured GoogleMail to be authorized to use
each of my distinct email addresses as sender address (to be able to send
from my bussiness address from home and vice versa....)
I experienced the following behaviour:
My GMail address is the list administrator's address.

If I send from GoogleMail, regardless of the sender's address chosen
(different domain names to choose from), each mail is accepted for the list
and not put on the waiting list for moderator approval.
Could this be due to the fact that GoogleMail is somehow present in the
mail's header as the originating mailer?

I use Mailman 2.1.13.

Thanks for your help...


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