[Mailman-Users] Accepting and Rejecting Mails

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Apr 1 20:18:02 CEST 2012

Sascha Rissel wrote:
>If I send from GoogleMail, regardless of the sender's address chosen
>(different domain names to choose from), each mail is accepted for the list
>and not put on the waiting list for moderator approval.
>Could this be due to the fact that GoogleMail is somehow present in the
>mail's header as the originating mailer?

By default, Mailman examines the From: header, the envelope sender of
the message, the Reply-To: header if any and the Sender: header if any
of the incoming message to determine if any of these contains the
address of a list member. If so, the post is considered to be from the
first member address found for purposed of moderation.

Test by sending messages from googlemail either to yourself at a
non-googlemail address or to the list with Bcc: to yourself at a
non-googlemail address (I say use a non-googlemail address because
googlemail has a habit of discarding messages that have the same
Message-Id: as ones in your Sent folder), and examine the headers of
the message. The envelope sender is supposed to be reflected in a
Return-Path: header in the received message, but not all MDAs are

You can change what things mailman looks at for list mambership. See
the setting SENDER_HEADERS in Defaults,py and override it in mm_cfg.py
if you wish.

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