[Mailman-Users] Two questions

John Oliver joliver at john-oliver.net
Tue Dec 11 21:59:09 CET 2012

1) How do I create different "list creator" passwords for multiple
virtualhosts?  For example, www.domaina.com and www.domainb.com can have
different lists... I want to have different passwords so someone who can
admin one cannot admin the other

2) How do I "link" dissimilar domains?  For example, if I have
domain.com, domain.net, and myawesomedomain.org and all three URLs lead
to the same site, so the lists for one site should show up under the
others, be administered the same way, etc.

FWIW, I'm running CentOS 5.8 and mailman-2.1.9-6.el5_6.1

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