[Mailman-Users] How to properly nest a response from Gmail

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Dec 23 22:48:25 CET 2012

BA lanfest wrote:
>However, the absolute weirdest thing is this.  Yesterday, I signed up for a
>few other lists to run some tests.  One thing I tried was responding to an
>archive message straight from the web using the <a href="mailto:someone">
>link at the top of a message (my browser is configured to compose a Gmail
>message when I click a link like that).  The first thing I noticed was that
>even though that href link appears to ask your mail client to add an
>"In-Reply-To" header, Gmail does not actually recognize that request, and
>the Gmail message I sent to the list had no "In-Reply-To" header at all.

Bummer.  Yet another thing to not like about gmail ...

> However... the archive view STILL threaded my reply correctly, even
>without that header!  So I went back to my "real list" and tried this same
>thing, and it did not in fact work on this list (using the web reply link).

(Above subsequently noted to not be completely correct)

Threading in Mailman's pipermail archive was designed to identify the
parent of the current message as follows:

1) If the current message has an In-Reply-To: header, the parent is the
message in the archive with Message-ID: = this message's In-Reply-To:,
or if no such message exists, this message has no parent.

2) If the current message still has no parent, but it has a References:
header, and one or more of the IDs in the References: header is = the
Message-ID of a message in the archive, the parent of this message is
the newest referenced message. If none of the referenced messages are
in the archive, this message has no parent.

3) If the current message still has no parent, it's parent is the
oldest message in the archive with a matching subject, if any.

In the above, "in the archive" really means in the archive for the
current month or whatever the archive frequency is. Also, step 3),
threading by subject, was broken prior to Mailman 2.1.14 and may still
not be completely fixed. See

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