[Mailman-Users] Change of member address via web fails

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Feb 4 21:46:42 CET 2012

Richard Damon wrote:

>I think another issue is that if the user replies with an HTML formatted
>message, I don't think the processor will necessarily be able to parse

This should not be an issue.

The format of the message body, e.g. non-MIME plain text, MIME
text/plain, MIME text/html, MIME multipart and even its content is

If VERP_CONFIRMATIONS is No which is the default, the confirmation
request is

From: LISTNAME-request at example.com



Whatever the content of the reply, the user's MUA should address it

To: LISTNAME-request at example.com

with the same subject possibly preceded by Re: or similar as in

Subject: Re: confirm CONFIRMATION_TOKEN

The request processor is clever enough to remove the first 'word' from
the subject if it's not a recognized command, and it also decodes RFC
2047 encoded subjects so the confirmation should succeed unless the
subject gets more that one word prepended to it.

If VERP_CONFIRMATIONS is set to Yes in mm_cfg.py, the confirmation
request is

From: LISTNAME-confirm+CONFIRMATION_TOKEN at example.com


Subject: Your confirmation is required to join the LISTNAME mailing list

or its i18n translation and any reply

To: LISTNAME-confirm+CONFIRMATION_TOKEN at example.com

will succeed.

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