[Mailman-Users] UsingMailman fortask management

Sundaram Ramachandran sundaram.ramachandran at kggroup.com
Sun Feb 5 16:24:07 CET 2012


I am new to this list so please be  gentle. I am a member of many mailing lists, so I was wondering if Mailman can be used as a Task Management System. I'll explain:

Suppose I create a list, titled todo-$name

Any new post to this list would get assigned a Task id at the beginning of the subject; for ex:

Subject: [ToDo-$name] [Task 1] Install and Test Mailman [Created]

Now when anybody replies to this post, it gets filed under this 'thread'. The initial status is [Created]

I could have status such as [Assigned],[In Progress] and [Completed].

Later I should be able to sort the entire List per status, etc.

Can this be done using Mailman in its present  form? Or should I post this in Developers site  to get help?

Any help appreciated.


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