[Mailman-Users] wrong link on the website

NGUYEN Thanh Tu thanh-tu.nguyen at eleves.ec-nantes.fr
Fri Feb 10 16:17:07 CET 2012


I just installed a mailgman instance on my server and some of the links 
are wrong

this is the website
http://listes.campus.ec-nantes.fr/admin/mailman (sorry, the site is in 
I put a virtual host on listes.campus.ec-nantes.fr
and some of my links refer to campus.ec-nantes.fr/something
Futhermore, the email seems wrong

this is an extract of my mm_cfg.py

# The name of the list Mailman uses to send password reminders
# and similar. Don't change if you want mailman-owner to be
# a valid local part.

# If you change these, you have to configure your http server
# accordingly (Alias and ScriptAlias directives in most httpds)
DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN = 'http://%s/'
#DEFAULT_URL_PATTERN = 'http://%s/cgi-bin/mailman/'
PRIVATE_ARCHIVE_URL = '/cgi-bin/mailman/private'
IMAGE_LOGOS         = '/images/mailman/'

# Default domain for email addresses of newly created MLs
DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'campus.ec-nantes.fr'
# Default host for web interface of newly created MLs
DEFAULT_URL_HOST   = 'listes.campus.ec-nantes.fr'
# Required when setting any of its arguments.

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