[Mailman-Users] reverse "anonymous" list

George, Harry G harry.g.george at boeing.com
Mon Feb 13 17:50:57 CET 2012

I'm a long time happy user/admin for mailman lists, but am stumped on a new request.   User wants to do a send-only list, where neither "mailman" or the list's name appears in mailings.   It would look like a simple email  from poster, and bcc'd to receivers who could reply to that poster (but not to the list).       (Sometimes the very existence of a list, or the name of a list, can be sensitive - even if just exposed to members of the list.)

I was tempted to just do it as a batch python email app, but am trying mailman first.    So far we've configured for:

a)      Everyone on list is moderated, and mailings from moderated are discarded

b)      The valid senders are non-members and are listed on non-member- approved-to-send config list.

c)       Reply to "Poster"
But "mailman" and the listname still appear in headers and footers.

I looked at Default.py (and mm_cfg.py), the template txt files, Handlers.CookedHeaders.py, and Handlers.Decorate.     I think I *need* to doctor the Decorate.decorate "SafeDict".

Is that the right approach?  Is there a way to do this via mm_cfg?    Any way to make it list-specific?  Anybody try this before?

Thanks in advance.   If I don't hear from you, I'll make a separate mailman installation (on a separate VM) and hack the Decorate module.    Since the users want to do dozens of lists configured this way, a separate installation makes sense.

Harry G. George
harry.g.george at boeing.com

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