[Mailman-Users] Need help with bug after changing archives from public to private

Mahesh Rathi mrathi at meetingexpectations.com
Thu Feb 16 15:14:03 CET 2012



Please, can someone help me? I have the root access to the VPS, but am
not familiar with SSH commands. The hosting company has failed to help
saying that they do not help with 3rd part software.


This was the last email I had sent to the hosting company:


Let's see if I can explain in details:


http://lists.aisnet.org/mailman/admin/aisworld_lists.aisnet.org (Broken)


password: #####


I have a mailing list that was migrated to HostV from other hosting
company. The list was set to archive publicly. However, I noticed that
when clicked on "Go to Archives", the archives were not current. So in
the archive URL, I changed the pipermail to private and the archives
showed just fine. That is why I tried to change the option from public
to private for the aisworld list and it broke with the bug in Mailman


Finally, this morning, HostV managed to fix it, but here are the new

1.       Looks like they had backed up to initial migration, where all
my pending moderator requests are lost.

2.       The "Go to archives" still do not show current and now changing
the url from pipermail to private brings a blank page.


I really hope someone can help me.


Thank You!



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