[Mailman-Users] Message delivery and Logs

Ian Prietz ianprietz at usf.edu
Tue Feb 21 21:21:02 CET 2012


We have multiple lists set up with our Mailman host. We have had some 
delivery issues recently. Until a few weeks ago, we did not have 
DomainKeys or SPF records properly configured for our domain.

A few of the lists have been active for, I believe, 2 or so years; for 
this example, we will call one of these lists "LIST A". Messages sent to 
these lists seem to deliver fine. In October, we added 5 brand new 
lists. One of the new lists has had some real trouble getting the 
messages delivered. However, there are members of "LIST A" that are also 
member of the problem list, "LIST B". They receive messages from "LIST 
A" fine, but messages from "LIST B" never even seem to reach the front 
door. I spoke with one local postmaster, and he did not see the first 
message from "LIST B" in his logs anywhere.

I am a member of all of the lists, and I think I receive every single 
email. Even when others do not receive messages from "LIST B", I do. To 
the best of my knowledge, every single list is configured identically, 
except for its name.

Any ideas as to what could be causing it? I believe that members of LIST 
B who had been having issues have had their issues clear up after 
configuring the SPF records and what not properly.

Thanks, and hope that was not too confusing.


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