[Mailman-Users] Message delivery and Logs

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Feb 21 21:48:06 CET 2012

Ian Prietz wrote:
>We have multiple lists set up with our Mailman host. We have had some 
>delivery issues recently. Until a few weeks ago, we did not have 
>DomainKeys or SPF records properly configured for our domain.
>A few of the lists have been active for, I believe, 2 or so years; for 
>this example, we will call one of these lists "LIST A". Messages sent to 
>these lists seem to deliver fine. In October, we added 5 brand new 
>lists. One of the new lists has had some real trouble getting the 
>messages delivered. However, there are members of "LIST A" that are also 
>member of the problem list, "LIST B". They receive messages from "LIST 
>A" fine, but messages from "LIST B" never even seem to reach the front 
>door. I spoke with one local postmaster, and he did not see the first 
>message from "LIST B" in his logs anywhere.

Things like SPF and DomainKeys/DKIM tend to affect all mail from the
server. It is unlikely that they would be related to an issue of a
member receiving mail from one list and not another on the same
server. Such an issue might possibly be related to a recipient's
having list_a-bounces at example.com but not list_b-bounces at example.com
in her address book.

What is in your server's MTA logs? Are the messages to LIST B
recipients being sent and accepted by the respective recipient MX

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