[Mailman-Users] slow "out" queue

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Feb 23 03:53:40 CET 2012

Anil Jangity wrote:
>This sendmail server is setup to relay the mail to smarthost. When I inject a test mail on port 25 with RCPT and FROM to be a made up junk domain, the email is still delivered *immediately* to the smarthost, there is no resolver issues.
>If sendmail was really doing DNS lookups, I would think it would be stuck locally or throw a bounce/error right away.
>It just seems like it's running serially, and not dequeueing multiple messages to the smarthost at a time.

This issue is not a Mailman issue per se. It is either a Sendmail
configuration issue or something to do with the interaction of
Sendmail with the smarthost.

We have given you all the information we have to help you with this. If
that isn't sufficient, you'll have to pursue this using Sendmail
support resources. See

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