[Mailman-Users] digest-mode not functioning properly

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sat Feb 25 15:32:08 CET 2012

Lluis Montoliu writes:

 > At hosting level they keep indicating that mailman is outdated, no  
 > longer maintained and that we should consider moving to other  
 > programs

Your hosting service is either really failing to do their homework, or
outright lying to you.  Mailman is very much maintained, although
21.1.14 is *very* stable, so almost all development activity is on
Mailman 3.  You should consider moving to a more honest and competent

 > >> the problems with digest-mode appear to be rather common, many reports
 > >> found, but not really solutions, at least, I could not find the one
 > >> that will fix my bug.

Problems with digest mode that I can remember in about a decade of
Mailman use and participation in these lists (and *never* experienced
personally! just seen on the lists) generally are problems with the
digest messages themselves, and the fact that Windows mail clients
often do a horrible job of handling them.  As far as I can remember,
problems with collecting and sending digests are pretty rare, and
usually due to misconfiguration.  Such problems are usually quickly
resolved if the Mailman admin has root.

The principal cause of *ongoing* problems is that the Mailman admin
doesn't have root, and the hosting service is either unable or
unwilling to configure Mailman properly.

Sorry I cannot be of more immediate help, but it really angers me that
so many hosting services offer Mailman, and then turn around and
cripple it with lack of support.

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