[Mailman-Users] slow "out" queue

Anil Jangity anilj at me.com
Fri Jan 20 04:28:08 CET 2012

We just moved a very old mailman infrastructure mailman to Solaris and sendmail.
It seems, when a message is posted, the "out" directory doesn't seem to clear out fast enough. 

   1K   archive
   1K   bounces
   1K   commands
   1K   in
   1K   news
 403K   out
   1K   retry
   1K   shunt
   1K   virgin

The size just stays like that forever and slowly decrements. When I look in /var/log/syslog (mail log of sendmail), I see deliveries going through.
I do a 'truss' of the OutgoingRunner python process and I see:

% truss -p 11997
recv(10, 0x00748454, 8192, 0)   (sleeping...)

What is it waiting for?

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