[Mailman-Users] AOL redacts user addresses even with VERP and full personalization enabled

Lindsay Haisley fmouse at fmp.com
Tue Jun 19 23:23:30 CEST 2012

On Tue, 2012-06-19 at 14:48 -0500, Mike Starr wrote:
> Many of the mailman cognoscenti are highly skilled technical folks
> with little respect (and often little tolerance) for clueless users.
> Sometimes you just have to choke back the bile and lovingly correct
> those who have less understanding.

On the lists which I administer myself I try to make the unsubscribe
process very easy and transparent.  Every user who tries,
unsuccessfully, to unsubscribe is sent the following clear and
unambiguous message with easy-to-follow instructions:

On Sat, Jan 31, 2009 at 11:18 PM, Mary Fireman <maryjane at fortuitus.net>
Hmph.  You can't get out that easy.

Please Note:  In some later model unsubscribe kits, the "OFF" indicator
has been replaced by "POWER-UP STANDBY ENABLE".  Accordingly the "ON"
indicator has been replaced by the much clearer, "POWER-DOWN STANDBY
ENABLE".  Contact your internet service provider for a list of affected
model numbers.  An "ON-OFF" retrofit panel kit is available for those
who have difficulty with the new and much clearer labeling.

First, ask your Internet Provider to mail you an Unsubscribing Kit. Then
follow these directions. The kit will most likely be the standard
no-fault type. Depending on requirements, System A and/or System B can
be used. When operating System A, depress lever and a plastic dalkron
unsubscriber will be dispensed through the slot immediately underneath.
When you have fastened the adhesive lip, attach connection marked by the
large "X" outlet hose. Twist the silver-coloured ring one inch below 
the connection point until you feel it lock.

The kit is now ready for use. The Cin-Eliminator is activated by the
small switch on the lip. When securing, twist the ring back to its
initial condition, so that the two orange lines meet. Disconnect. Place
the dalkron unsubscriber in the vacuum receptacle to the rear. Activate
by pressing the blue button.

The controls for System B are located on the opposite side. The red
release switch places the Cin-Eliminator into position; it can be
adjusted manually up or down by pressing the blue manual release button.
The opening is self-adjusting. To secure after use, press the green
button, which simultaneously activates the evaporator and returns the
Cin-Eliminator to its storage position.

You may log off if the green exit light is on over the evaporator . If
the red light is illuminated, one of the Cin-Eliminator requirements has
not been properly implemented. Press the "List Guy" call button on the
right of the evaporator . He will secure all facilities from his control

To use the Auto-Unsub, first undress and place all your clothes in the
clothes rack. Put on the velcro slippers located in the cabinet
immediately below. Enter the shower, taking the entire kit with you. On
the control panel to your upper right upon entering you will see a
"Shower seal" button. Press to activate. A green light will then be 
illuminated immediately below. On the intensity knob, select the desired
setting. Now depress the Auto-Unsub activation lever. Bathe normally.

The Auto-Unsub will automatically go off after three minutes unless you
activate the "Manual off" override switch by flipping it up. When you
are ready to leave, press the blue "Shower seal" release button. The
door will open and you may leave. Please remove the velcro slippers and
place them in their container.

If you prefer the ultrasonic log-off mode, press the indicated blue
button. When the twin panels open, pull forward by rings A & B. The knob
to the left, just below the blue light, has three settings, low, medium
or high. For normal use, the medium setting is suggested.

After these settings have been made, you can activate the device by
switching to the "ON" position the clearly marked red switch. If during
the unsubscribing operation, you wish to change the settings, place the
"manual off" override switch in the "OFF" position. You may now make the
change and repeat the cycle. When the green exit light goes on, you may
log off and have lunch. Please close the door behind you.

Occam's Razor strikes again!!

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