[Mailman-Users] Using Google Message Security with Mailman?

Kirke Johnson kjohnson at pcc.edu
Fri Mar 9 00:30:55 CET 2012

We are migrating from an inhouse email system to Gmail. We use Google
Message Security for our employee accounts to provide for spam and
virus quarantining, traffic logging and management. Our migration is
well advanced, and it is now time to route Mailman traffic through
Postini while maintaining the Mailman server in-house. We have
established the lists.pcc.edu org in Postini for this purpose.

The question is: has anyone achieved this with Postini GMS and
Mailman? What we are trying to puzzle out is the Postini configuration
to establish each Mailman list as a user in the Postini org while
assuring that Postini quarantine notifications, etc for each list will
be sent to a different user (the list owner) rather than to the list..
Can a Postini user alias accomplish that?

We have a support ticket open with Postini, but they seem unfamiliar
with the Mailman end and what we need to accomplish there. Thanks for
any advice from anyone who has already "been there"!

Kirke Johnson                               Internet: kjohnson at pcc.edu
Email Administrator, TSS , Sylvania Campus
Portland Community College, Portland, OR, USA     (971) 722-4368

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