[Mailman-Users] Displaying the sender email

Duane Winner closetotheledge at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 8 17:39:25 CET 2012


Is there a way to configure Mailman lists so the From: line can say:

   "From listname at mymanserver.com [On Behalf of John.Doe at yahoo.com]"

We are using a 3rd-party SMTP relay for all outbound mail, so we need to approve all senders for the service to allow the email to go through.

This poses a problem with the dozens of mailing lists we host, since it is not practical to approve hundreds (if not thousands) of members.

So what we are doing is configuring the mailman lists to "Hide the sender of a message, replacing it with the list address (Removes From, Sender and Reply-To fields) ", setting it to "Yes".

So now all members of the list will see posts as:

   "From: listname at mymailmanserver.com"

Instead of the address of the poster.

This is actually a good thing for us, and we actually prefer this behavior to ensure that discussions will stay on the lists, but also this solves the problem of the SMTP relay service, since now we only need to approve the wildcard for "*@mymailmanserver.com" so the service will relay the email.

The problem is that posters don't always include signatures, and we need to know who sent them, but by stripping out the original sender, unless they do include a signature in the body, members might not always be able to tell who posted to the list.

Thanks in advance.

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