[Mailman-Users] MAIL FROM envelope header query.

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Mar 10 04:18:53 CET 2012

John Fitzsimons wrote:
>"When Gmane sends messages (posted through the news-to-mail gateway)
>the mailing lists, it uses the subscribed email address as the MAIL
>envelope header.  If your mailing list software discriminates based
>the MAIL FROM instead of the From: header (the latter is more usual),
>then you may see stuff like that..."

They are telling you that there is a Gmane address which is a member of
your list that is how gmane receives messages posted to your list.
When someone posts to your list on Gmane, Gmane sends that post to
your list with the envelope sender (SMTP MAIL FROM address) equal to
the Gmane address that's a member of your list. 

Mailman in turn checks every address found in any of the places listed
in the Defaults.py/mm_cfg.py setting SENDER_HEADERS, and if any of
these is a list member, the is considered to be from first member
address found.

It is not clear to me whether this post was held as a post from a
moderated member or just went to the list. If it just went to the list
and you want it to be held, just set the mod flag on the subscribed
Gmane address and it will be held as a post from a moderated member.

If, on the other hand, you want it treated as a non-member post, you
have to override SENDER_HEADERS in mm_cfg.py. The default setting is

SENDER_HEADERS = ('from', None, 'reply-to', 'sender')

which says places checked in order are the From: header, the envelope
sender, the Reply-To: header and the Sender: header. The None entry in
the above list refers to the envelope sender. If you just want to stop
considering the envelope sender and keep all the others, you would set

SENDER_HEADERS = ('from', 'reply-to', 'sender')

in mm_cfg.py. If you wanted to consider only the From: header, you
could set

SENDER_HEADERS = ('from', )

in mm_cfg.py (the comma and parens are significant here).

Note that this is a global setting and affects all lists in the

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