[Mailman-Users] Lists created via web admin seem to be entirelyseparate from lists created from command line

Mark Leone midnightjava at verizon.net
Tue Mar 13 15:01:03 CET 2012

> All of this says that your web server does not point to the same
> mailman instance that Postfix points to and that you are accessing
> from the command line.
> Check the path in your Mailman ScriptAlias in your web server config.
Yes the ScriptAlias is pointing to /usr/lib/cgi-bin/. At that location I 
see the mailman executables which correspond to the various web 
functions, as expected. I searched for other instances of these same 
executables using locate, and all I found was a location where three 
executables with the same name (admin, confirm, and subscribe) at 
/var/lib/mailman/scripts. I don't know if these locations are equivalent 
or not.

These are the locations where the Ubuntu ppa installer placed them. I 
realize this list is not the place to ask about Ubuntu-specific 
installation, but I haven't received a reply on the Ubuntu forum so far.

I need to see where postfix is pointing. As I understand it, it's the 
"mailman" entry in postfix's master.cf that determines this. There I 
have the entry as specified in the mailman documentation:

mailman   unix  -       n       n       -       -       pipe
   flags=FR user=list argv=/usr/lib/mailman/bin/postfix-to-mailman.py
   ${nexthop} ${user}

Per man page for master(5) this is supposed to mean that executabe 
'mailman' is present relative to the path specified by postfix param 
queue_directory. The value of that variable (as determined by running 
postconf queue_directory) is /var/spool/postfix. There is no executable 
named 'mailman' at that location, so I'm not clear on how postfix is 
invoking mailman on incoming mail, but that seems to be where the 
problem lies.


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