[Mailman-Users] Problem creating mailing lists via webinterface in2.1.11

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Mar 29 04:37:42 CEST 2012

Steve Matzura wrote:

I wrote:
>>How do you know this? Is the list visible in the web UI? In

Then the list didn't exist. It was not created, partially or otherwise.

>>Do you have
>>add_virtualhost('www.theglobalvoice.info', 'theglobalvoice.info')
>>or perhaps the equivalent
>>DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'www.theglobalvoice.info'
>>DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'theglobalvoice.info'
>>followed by
>>in mm_cfg.py.
>The line:
>add_virtualhost('www.theglobalvoice.info', 'theglobalvoice.info')
>did not exist in mm_cfg.py until now. I added it directly in front of:


>I then saved mm_cfg.py and restarted mailman with `mailmanctl restart'
>and attempted to create the mailing list. IT WORKED! It showed up in
>all four placess-output from list_lists, as the last stanza in
>virtual-mailman, as the last stanza in aliases, and in the Web UI! I
>thank you for bearing with me, I apologize for insufficient detailed
>error reporting, but with your collective assistance, it's now running
>What is the purpose of the line I added? Does it "point"
>www.theglobalvoice.info to the real domain of theglobalvoice.info
>since that's where all the email list addresses go?

It maps the web host www.theglobalvoice.info to the email domain

>If that's the
>case, why did the Web UI create not work? Does it carry the "www"
>subdomain with it in the underlying commands that actually do the list
>creation? If so, then that explains everything to me. If I'm totally
>off the mark, then I need to go back to school!

In order to create a list, we must know two fully qualified domains.
The web domain which is the host name that will be used in URLs that
access the list and the email domain which is the domain that list
mail is sent to.

bin/newlist has command line options for specifying these and will fall
back to DEFAULT_*_HOST settings as necessary.

The web create CGI determines these domains by taking the host portion
of the URL that invoked it as the web domain and looking up the
corresponding email domain in the dictionary created by the
add_virtualhost() lines. If it can't find an entry for the web domain
in that dictionary, it can't determine the email domain for the list
so it tells you that the web domain is an "unknown virtual host" and
doesn't create the list.

It won't use DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST because that's the email host
associated with DEFAULT_URL_HOST, and you must not be DEFAULT_URL_HOST
because there is *always* a


line. Thus, you are coming from some other (virtual) host which is
unknown because it doesn't have an add_virtualhost() line.

>Everything checks out and the new mailing list is operating correctly.


>Did I forget to check or report on anything?

Well, you never answered the questions I asked at
so we don't know what was wrong there, but presumably, you don't care
as you reversed whatever you did and it's working now.

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