[Mailman-Users] How Post to Moderated List w/o Approval?

Toni Mueller support+mailman at oeko.net
Wed Sep 26 20:22:27 CEST 2012


I would like to "post" to an announce-only list, but not need to ack
every post via the mailman web GUI. Also, the owner of the list isn't
subscribed to it.

So far, I have switched on emergency moderation, in addition to every
other moderation switch, to prevent users from posting to the list, but
when trying to post, eg. by using "inject" on the Mailman server, the
message still ends up in moderation (acknowleding the messages is likely
too complex for the owner to handle).

Any idea about how to have the owner send a message (sender address
should be list-owner at doma.in) without needing approval, or also handling
approval automatically?


Kind regards,

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