[Mailman-Users] Setting a specific list member to read-only

Attac München - Postmaster postmaster at attac-m.org
Wed Apr 3 02:33:19 CEST 2013

Hi all,

I could need some help with a task I haven't seen covered in the FAQ or
by a Google search:

I'd like to temporarily block a member of a list from posting messages.
This member is already set to "moderated" so I can reject/discard his
mails manually. I cannot ban him entirely because he is entitled to read
the list still by our community rules. Is there a way I can have his
mails automatically rejected or discarded to make him a read-only
member? I'd need something like a inbox filter rule for this specific
list member's address, i.e. blacklist his postings without removing him
from the roster.

Thanks for any hints,
Hagen Pfaff
postmaster at attac-m.org

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