[Mailman-Users] accessing relay mailman server from its own network

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Apr 10 23:35:03 CEST 2013

Anne Wainwright wrote:
>Instead of the DSL (dyndns) address I use the server name or IP address
>and all goes fine unless I query the mailing list addresses. Then i am
>returned to login again and so on ad infinitum. Same if I try to list
>I note that when I mouse-over the menu options the browser bottom line
>shows the server name (or IP) address that I have used. When I
>mouse-over the 0-9A-Z membership listing then the DSL forwarding address

That's because the menu links are relative but the action link for the
search button and the 'letter' links are absolute.

>FAQ 4.29 would indicate that I could change the DEFAULT_URL_HOST setting
>for existing lists using fix_url.py - in this case perhaps to the IP

What you would need to change is the host in the list's web_page_url
attribute. This is what fix_url.py does, but it also changes the
list's host_name (email domain) attribute, so if you changed
web_page_url with fix_url.py, you'd have to change host_name back on
the list's General Options page.

It would probably be easier to change just web_page_url with
interactive withlist or config_list.

But, this will change every non-relative url for this list including
those in List-*: message headers and the bodies of notices and digest
boilerplate and message and digest footers, so you don't want to do it.

>I suppose that would foul up admin access from across the internet but
>as that is only me we could live with that.

Amd more than that as I note above.

>Before fools rush in where angels fear to tread - is this the way to go?
>Maybe there is a route to have the best of both worlds (easy access from
>the internet and the local network)

What we need to do is figure out why those few URLs on the Membership
List page are absolute. It may be a bug. I'll look at that.

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