[Mailman-Users] member address in envolope ID and From: lines

Al Black al-black at telus.net
Wed Apr 17 09:11:02 CEST 2013

Hey everyone:

On 2013-04-16, at 10:24 PM, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

> Al Black writes:
>> Specifically, I have some users on a couple of lists that are gmail
>> users with multiple accounts linked to that gmail address.  They
>> use it to send mail while at work, but still have it appear to come
>> from their home address.
> This means that the envelope address will not match the From address
> as far as I can see.  So I don't understand this requirement:
>> Thinking about it a bit more, it would be better if there was a
>> check to make sure the email address in the envelope ID matched
>> actually matched the address in the "From:".
> This is a very strong requirement to impose on users.  It makes it
> difficult to present yourself appropriately if you're sending from a
> different address for some reason.  (If I misunderstood the scenario
> you present in the first paragraph, this may not be a problem for your
> subscribers, but I would find it a major PITA if I were subscribed.)
> OTOH, in most cases it should not be restrictive to require envelope
> sender = Sender.

I see the confusion.  The problem occurs when the person sends from
gmail but accidentally uses a From: address they don't have subscribed
to the list.  That's the one's I'm trying to catch, because it creates
list mayhem about forged mail etc etc. 

Good point Stephen, I'm going to dig through a couple months of mail
on the list to make sure I'm not using a hammer to solve a gnat problem.

@ Mark -- Thanks, I'll try both, but most likely will implement a custom

All the best,

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