[Mailman-Users] New list sending only to one member

Crile Carvey crile at crile.com
Sat Aug 17 21:33:24 CEST 2013


I have added a new list to an existing, fully functional mailman installation but messages are not being delivered to all of the list members.
This mailman instance  has been operational for a number of years servicing two other active lists. Those lists continue to work just fine, so I don't believe it is an installation or mailman problem but rather something I did or did not do when adding the new list.
I used the mailman web interface to create the list and add the members. The only thing I did outside of the mailman web interface was to add aliases.  I added the aliases by using webmin, which provides a GUI layer on top of postfix.
Everything seemed to work fine until I started testing. After posting a test message to the list, I found that the test message was only delivered to one member. It may be of interest that the one member to whom the message was delivered is a member of one of the other lists and is also a mailman administrator.
I am a mailman newbie, as well as clumsy with linux, but I have full access to the server and I am comfortable running commands. Thanks for any assistance or hints.

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