[Mailman-Users] sendmail error 67 when sending mail to a list on our mail host

Art Werschulz agw at dsm.fordham.edu
Tue Jan 8 17:27:41 CET 2013

Hi all.

Background information:

We're running Fedora 17 Linux on a network of Intel machines.

The mail spool /var/spool/mail is on our mailhost dsm.dsm.fordham.edu;
said mail spool is NFS-mounted  (via autofs, the RPM being
autofs-5.0.6-23.fc17.x86_64) by all the other Linux boxes in our network.

Our MTA is sendmail (provided by the sendmail-8.14.5-14.fc17.x86_64 RPM).
On the mailhost dsm.dsm.fordham.edu, the file /etc/mail/local-host-names 
contains the lines 
(among others).  Moreover, we have 
   sobolev at dsm:~$ nslookup -query=mx dsm.fordham.edu
   dsm.fordham.edu mail exchanger = 10 dsm.dsm.fordham.edu.
Thus mail going to bovik at dsm.fordham.edu will really go to
bovik at dsm.dsm.fordham.edu.

Mailman (provided by the mailman-2.1.14-13.fc17.x86_64 RPM) runs on
the mail host dsm.dsm.fordham.edu.

"test" is a mailman list, which I use for testing purposes.  I am a
member of the test list.

The problem:

The following problem just started happening today.

If I am logged in on dsm.dsm.fordham.edu, I can send mail to (say)
test or to test at dsm.fordham.edu.

If I am logged in on any other host on the network, I can send mail to
test at dsm.dsm.fordham.edu.  HOWEVER, if I send mail to test at dsm.fordham.edu,
mail bounces.  If I use the command-line "mail" client (with the
verbose option), I get
   550 5.1.1 <test at dsm.fordham.edu>... User unknown
If I use emacs VM, I get
  Debugger entered--Lisp error: (error "Sending...failed with exit value 67")
    signal(error ("Sending...failed with exit value 67"))
    error("Sending...failed with exit value %d" 67)
    call-interactively(vm-mail-send-and-exit nil nil)

If any of you have any insight about this problem, please let me know.

Many thanks.
Art Werschulz (8-{)}   "Metaphors be with you."  -- bumper sticker
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Phone:   Fordham U. (212) 636-6325, Columbia U. (646) 775-6035

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