[Mailman-Users] Information about config_list and change_pw

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Jan 26 03:10:18 CET 2013

Chris Nulk wrote:
>Can I create a file (properly formatted) to input into config_list 
>containing only the values I want to change?  Or, do I have to dump the 
>entire file, make the changes, then reload?

You can include in the input to config_list only those things you wish
to change. Attributes not defined in the config_list input will be

>Next, I see the change_pw allows me to change a list's password.  Is 
>that the owner's password, the moderator's password, or both?  If it is 
>only the owners password, is there a way to change the moderator's 
>password through some other mechanism/program?

It's only the list owner/admin password. You can use config_list to
change either the admin or moderator password or both.

This three-line input to config_list

from Mailman.Utils import sha_new
password = sha_new('abc').hexdigest()
mod_password = sha_new('def').hexdigest()

will set the admin password to abc and the moderator poassword to def.
When run, it will give this output

Non-standard property restored: password
Non-standard property restored: mod_password
attribute "sha_new" ignored

That is expected. If you don't want to set both passwords, just omit
the corresponding line from the input file.

The lines must be exactly as shown except for the actual passwords.

You can add additional settings in the same input file.

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