[Mailman-Users] lists lost labels (and footers) after moving mailman to a new server

Lluis Montoliu montoliu at cnb.csic.es
Mon Jul 8 21:12:30 CEST 2013


We have recently upgraded our web server to one with bigger capacity.  
Actual moving occurred earlier today and was done by our hosting  
provider (since we don't have access to root to our dedicated server).  
Moving involved transferring all services active, including our  
mailman lists.

Once moving has been completed we can see the lists have been actually  
moved, apparently correctly, configuration parameters remain the same  
as they were before, but, curiously enough, the messages are  
distributed without the usual label and without the footer, even  
though both label and footer are well defined in the configuration  
page and were working nicely in the old server configuration.

According to the hosting provider they transferred everything to the  
new server, including all parameters of the list. They have been  
investigating the cause of these missing labels and footers but so far  
could not find any obvious cause.

Things that I have tried so far:

1) Deleting the label, saving parameters, re-installing the label,  
saving parameters. Doesn't work, messages continue to be posted  
without label.

2) I created a new list in the new server, created a label for it,  
and, in this case, messages are posted with label in this newly  
created list in the new server location

I am using mailman 2.1.11

I have been searching for similar posts before posting this to the  
list. I couldn't find any.

Thanks for help and suggestions.

best regards


Dr. Lluis Montoliu
Investigador Cientifico - Research Scientist CSIC
Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia (CNB-CSIC)
Campus de Cantoblanco
C/ Darwin, 3
28049 Madrid (Spain)
Tel. +34-91-5854844  / Fax +34-91-5854506
e-mail: montoliu at cnb.csic.es
WEB: http://www.cnb.csic.es/~montoliu/

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