[Mailman-Users] Munging and Reply All behaviour with Outlook

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Mon Aug 18 08:34:46 CEST 2014

Peter Shute writes:

 > If we set from_is_list to No, how does the list behave when
 > yahoo.com emails arrive?

That depends on the setting of dmarc_moderation_action.  If it is set
to Accept, it just passes them through, and lets the destination
decide what to do.  Almost certainly you will get many bounces.

 > I'm under the impression it will send them to the moderation queue,
 > and will offer extra options like munging.

No.  Neither of these options can cause a message to end up in the
moderation queue as currently specified.

The logic is that the only reason for a per-message choice of policy
is that the moderator is willing to edit some messages from Yahoo!
addresses, and will reject or discard others.  This seems like a very
unusual case to us, as on lists with enough posters from those domains
this should significantly increase moderator burden, as well as be
likely to attract *strong* objections from folks whose messages get
"less favorable" treatment.

It is "easily" worked around by simply flipping the moderation bit on
members subscribed with yahoo.com or aol.com addresses.  If somebody
wants that option, it would be easy to script.  In fact, the script
could automoderate any domain with "p=reject" as of the time it was
run.  (Note: auto-unmoderation is problematic without further changes
to Mailman, as we don't know *why* the address was moderated.  You
wouldn't want some miscreant with stalker tendencies unmoderated
because her domain decided to behave like a responsible citizen.)

Adding options to munge or wrap to the moderator's control panel
should not be hard, but they aren't available now.  Note, however,
that "Discard all messages tagged Defer" would now be more dangerous
than ever because you've added a large class of messages that should
not get trashed to the moderation queue.

Overall, I don't think it's worth it.  However, if you have a use
case, feel free to request the enhancement.

 > Looking now at the description of dmarc_moderation_action, I think
 > I'm confused.

I think what you missed is that all DMARC moderation is done by a
robot; no human intervention involved.

That is, when dmarc_moderation_action is set to something other than
Accept, it looks up the From domain's current DMARC policy using the
DNS.  If this policy is "p=reject", Mailman will *automatically* take
an action, which may be Munge From, Wrap Message, Reject, or Discard.
(dmarc_quarantine_moderation_action works the same way for domains
with policy "p=quarantine".)

This means that only messages from badly-behaved domains get altered
in ways which make life difficult for readers.  For me, this is great
-- it gives my *very* few "p=reject" members a strong incentive to
subscribe an address from a good citizen domain. :-)  Obviously, most
admins are nowhere near so fortunate, so I can't recommend making such
a rationale public. ;-)

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