[Mailman-Users] Fwd: Mailing list lag to SOME users

Kevin Carpenter kevinc at seaplace.org
Tue Aug 19 21:44:51 CEST 2014

Thanks Peter.   Not sure why the header images were removed from the e-mail.

In any case, they basically showed the e-mail bouncing around within my 
mail server, presumingly as its passes through various greylist, 
blacklist, and anti-spam filtering.  Typically headers looks like:

Hop 1:  User tool -> User mail system mapi
Hop 2:  User mapi -> User mail system SMTP server (TLS)
Hop 3:  User mail SMTP -> mail.seaplace.org (Postfix - obviously 
external IP address)
Hop 4:  mail.seaplace.org (localhost) -> Amavsid-new (localhost)
Hop 5:  localhost -> mail.seaplace.org (Postfix)
Hop 6:  spoe.seaplace.org (external address???)  -> mail.seaplace.org 
(Postfix)  /* This is where the delay occurs */
Hop 7:  mail.seaplace.org (localhost) -> Amavsid-new (localhost)
Hop 8:  localhost -> mail.seaplace.org (Postfix)
Hop 9:  spoe.seaplace.org (external address) -> Recipient server

spoe/mail.seaplace.org is my externally connected mail server.

The ~1700 users are splattered all over the world, although 
predominately in the USA.


On 8/19/2014 12:35 PM, Peter Shute wrote:
> The headers seem to have been removed.
> We had a similar problem when our list host decided to throttle our mail. Our gmail members get postings within seconds, others can get them hours later. The more list traffic, then longer the delays, and sometimes they arrive out of order.
> But that was a shared mail server. Is this mail server your own? And our members are with random mail providers. Are the list members all on the same domain?
> Peter Shute
> Sent from my iPad
>> On 19 Aug 2014, at 11:40 pm, "Kevin Carpenter" <kevinc at seaplace.org> wrote:
>> Hi all.
>> Been casually fighting a problem for a couple of months now and have
>> finally decided to ask for help.
>> I have a somewhat large mailing list, about 1700 users, that is
>> generally working just fine.  However, some users are seeing LONG delays
>> (like 4+ hours) on mail delivery while other users, in the same
>> organization, get sub-minute delivery.  Specifically, the step 6 delay
>> in the header analysis below is typically 2 seconds.
>> In the header analysis below please note that mail.seaplace.org and
>> spoe.seaplace.org are just two names (DNS A records) pointing to the
>> same box.  The postfix main.cf mydestination parameter includes both.
>> I highly suspect this is something within Postfix and hope the list's
>> extensive experience might help.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Kevin
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