[Mailman-Users] user configuration

Richard Damon Richard at Damon-Family.org
Sat Jun 21 18:05:45 CEST 2014

On 6/20/14, 2:28 PM, willi uebelherr wrote:
> Dear friends,
> i am new on this list and come with a question to the overlay of admin 
> configurations over the users configurations.
> In some maillist i have the problems, that the user configuration
> a) Receive your own posts to the list?  YES
> b) Avoid duplicate copies of messages?  NO
> is not working. On some maillists it is working. Never i administrate 
> a mailman instance. I need some ideas to search in the documentation 
> to this configuration overlay.
More details please on "not working". With the options set that way, if 
you are on individual messages, every message to the list will be sent 
to you, unless you have enabled to receive only selected "topics" (in 
which case every message that matches the topic filters will be sent to 

There are cases where YOUR mail transport or user agent might 
eliminate/hide messages. GMail is well know to do this, it will 
automatically remove extra copies of messages that it sees as dupicate 
(by matching message ids). If there are lists where you actually get 
your own message back or get duplicate copies then that list is doing 
something non-standard to defeat the operation. The one standard thing 
that can sort of do this is digests, as everyone on digests gets the 
same digests, and they are unique messages so gmail won't see them as 

> I am not shure, that this admin configuration overlay exist. But it 
> seems like that.
> All the admin persons don't answer to my question. Maybe they don't 
> understand my question. But it is simple.
> a) Receive your own posts to the list?  YES
> With YES, if you send a mail to the list server, he distribute this 
> mail also to you.
> b) Avoid duplicate copies of messages?  NO
> With NO, the distribution act without any check of your address in TO 
> or CC.
> Because it don't work in general, i think, there is a admin 
> configuration point to setup a general method over the users method.
> many thanks for your work, and many greetings, willi
> (currently) Panama City
To my knowledge, the options for the admin allow them to set defaults 
for these settings, and for some settings disable them, but in this case 
they won't appear on the user interface, or to change them for the user. 
As far as I know, if the user has a option available, it will be 
functional (there are a few things like digest type that won't do 
anything if you are not getting a digest, but that is different than 
what you are saying).

Richard Damon

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