[Mailman-Users] Why do my posts to own mailman list disappear.

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sat Aug 22 13:22:30 CEST 2015

Paul Arenson/tokyoprogressive writes:

 > I looked in Cpanel and could see no directory starting with /usr/.

cPanel won't give you access to that, I'm pretty sure.  You need to
have shell access to the host or virtual machine.  If you don't know
if you have shell access, you probably don't.  Large hosting services
tend to be quite stingy about handing out shell access.

 > I have a reseller account

What does that mean?  Aha, I see.  *You* are turnlefthosting.org, but
the PTR says your IP is assigned to 100tb.com, so you're the reseller
for somebody who actually runs the hardware.

A little bit of browsing the related DNS shows quite a bit of a mess.
None of the published domains properly roundtrip A -> PTR -> A, they
just lead into a maze of little twisty passages all alike.  That
doesn't necessarily cause a problem by itself, but it often makes
problems harder to diagnose.

 > and nangoku-jiyu-jin.net <http://nangoku-jiyu-jin.net/> is a subset
 > of turnlefthostimg.org <http://turnlefthostimg.org/>,

I think you're going to have to ask your upstream for help on this.

That said there are a few long shots you could try to diagnose it
yourself.  One is a manual transaction with the mailserver and see if
it's being rejected at the SMTP level.

Another thing I noticed is that you typoed "turnlefthosting.org" as
"turnlefthostimg.org" in the above.  Is it possible that you typoed a
host or list name somewhere in a recent configuration ichange?

Do you have a personal mailbox on nangoku-jiyu-jin.net?  If so, does
that work?

I suppose you are the owner of your lists.  Have you tried writing to
<listname>-owner at nangoku-jiyu-jin.net?  It should forward to you.

According to the page at
http://www.nangoku-jiyu-jin.net/mailman/listinfo/mailman, the mailman@
list is hosted by dionysus.thewebhostserver.com, and the owner is
root at dionysus.thewebhostserver.com.  This is probably typical of
cPanel (which has its own way of handling virtual hosting), but you
should check your own listinfo and admin pages to be sure the virtual
hosting is working correctly and everything points to
nangoku-jiyu-jin.net.  (You may have trouble finding the proper
Mailman interface, though, because cPanel has its own idiosyncratic
management interface, and may even make the original inaccessible.)

Are your lists archived?

 > Then I figured out my FTP login and got in using the Transmit
 > program.

I don't think this will help.  Most FTP server software is hard to
secure, and standard practice of hosting systems is to chroot them
(that means that only a part of the filesystem is visible to the FTP
server, and in fact to any programs run by the FTP server).  chroots
are almost impossible to break unless you have shell access (which is
one reason why hosting services are kechi about handing out shell).

 > I click on usr and get Could not change directory to /usr
 > Server said can’t change directory to /usr: No such directory.
 > Error -125: remote chdir failed.

That's bizarre.  I wonder if your host knows what it's doing.

 > There is a cpanel folder but that doesn’t seem to help.

I'm not surprised.

Good luck,


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