[Matplotlib-users] Creating side by side graphs with different scales

Benjamin Root ben.v.root at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 15:20:18 EST 2015

Yes, it is possible. We call them "ganged plots". Here is an example where
it was done in the y-axis:


There are also other examples that show how to put the axis labels in
different places than usual.

Another way to go about this is to use twinx() to get the y-axis labeling
to be easy, but then have a specially crafted scale for the x-axis. In the
end, that might be more straight-forward, but probably a bit harder to code
up at first if you haven't played around with axis locators and formatters.

I hope that helps. Let us know if you have any questions.

Ben Root

On Mon, Dec 21, 2015 at 3:01 PM, Alexander Lindsay <adlinds3 at ncsu.edu>

> Hi all,
> Attached is a figure showing what I hope to achieve. I have two domains
> that are connected but which have dramatically different scaling on either
> side of their interface. I would like the x axis to be in micrometers on
> one side of the interface and nanometers on the other side. I also want to
> be able to use a different y-axis on both sides (e.g. range 0 - 1e19 on one
> side and and range 0 - 1e23 on the other side). Yet I would like to
> juxtapose the two plots together as shown in the attached figure. Is this
> possible with matplotlib? If so, what's the best way to go about doing this?
> Alex
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