[MATRIX-SIG] Numerical Python Release 1.0

Andrey Kaliazin KaliazinA@cardiff.ac.uk
Thu, 5 Mar 1998 18:58:52 -0000

>On ftp-icf.llnl.gov/pub/python there are two files:
>NumPy10.exe -- Windows 95/NT installer (MSVC 5.0)
>NumPy10.tgz -- Sources (NumPy/...)
>The Windows installer gives you a choice of binary or full install.
The full
>install is needed only if you intend to make your own C extensions.
>Please see the file release_notes.txt for details.

Just installed NumPy 1.0 release (binaries only) on my Win'95,
and have problems:

1. Installation procedure do not update paths in registry;
2. Two files are missed - "FFt.py" and "RandomArray.py";
3. Mlab.by still have wrong import (Numeric.Random) and
   reference (old?) - to Numeric.Random.random_sample()
   (when I replace them for RandomArray.random() it is Ok)
4. Why tests for LA, FFT, RANLIB are not included into

5. (optional) why diff() is not included into standard set of
numeric functions?
and maybe other common knowns as integ(), interp()
and so on, from Yorick for example are also good candidates?

Andy K.

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