[medusa] More performance ?'s

Mike mike@e...
Thu, 27 Jan 2000 19:22:03 -0800


I read in the archives a few posts about perfomance. One of the posts
that medusa isn't as fast as thttpd or zeus and that medusa can't handle
1000 connections per second. My question is what -can- medusa handle?

Basically, I need to compare it to apache with mod_fastcgi for using
I'm having some trouble with mod_fastcgi and Zope that I don't have
using medusa in place of apache, so I'm pondering just giving up and

Since apache isn't the world's fastest web server, I assume that medusa
at least comparable.

While I'm at it, how stable is medusa in the long run? I read on the
web page
that medusa is currently used in mission-critical applications, but can
examples be provided (in terms of using it as a web server, which is my

One last question: this will eventually be a commercial application,
so I'll
be purchasing a license for single server use. Other than the right to
medusa, are there any other benefits? Any support? Is it possible to
purchase support? Who do I sue if it breaks? (kidding)

Okay, one more question: since I'm a python and medusa newbie, this may
like a dumb question, but how secure is medusa? Does it deal decently
buffers (ie, low likelihood of buffer overflow attacks) and can it
stand up
to a denial of service attack (many more connections than it can handle)
without falling over (this may be more of a function of the OS, though)?