[medusa] Re: More performance ?'s

Jim Fulton jim@d...
Fri, 28 Jan 2000 09:47:20 -0500

Mike wrote:
> Basically, I need to compare it to apache with mod_fastcgi for using
> Zope.
> I'm having some trouble with mod_fastcgi and Zope that I don't have
> while
> using medusa in place of apache, so I'm pondering just giving up and
> using
> medusa.

Uh, ZServer is based on Medusa. Using Medusa to talk to ZServer
is effectively using Medusa to talk to itself. Why not just
use ZServer as your HTTP server?

<hand.waving>If you need to serve static content, you could install
the standard Medusa HTTP server along side the various
servers that Zope provides.</hand.waving>


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